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Problem Solved with Matt Drum (COMING SOON 2021)


In business and in life, how often have you been taught what to think, but never HOW to think? Have you made big decisions based on feelings when rigorous logical reasoning was needed? Have you failed to trust your intuition because you were trusting an "expert", or someone else's analysis of a situation? --------- I know what it's like. I used to blindly trust experts in their respective fields. I thought there was a proven formula for success in business, life, relationships, etc., but I never applied my critical thinking abilities to get to the root of tough issues. As a business strategy coach, I often see highly intelligent entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals act purely on intuition and emotion. As valuable as these are, too many decisions MUST be made from a logical, critical thinking point of view. This type of thinking is the topic of the Problem Solved podcast. --------- Here at Problem Solved, we think a lot about the topic of THINKING itself. Using interviews with some of the best problem solvers around as well as my own experience solving complex problems as an engineer and business consultant, my main goal is to spread effective problem solving far and wide to help you avoid the common pitfalls that lead to poor decision-making.